We are honored to welcome you to Yoga Reclaimed.

Weekly we offer 25+ classes, and a schedule designed with YOU in mind of 3 main class types – Flow, Balance, and Restore. We have infrared heating panels, which offer remarkable health benefits, and they are set up in 3 zones – with the last zone having no added heat.

Our team of teachers are dedicated to guide you through class no matter what level of experience you have – we have people come in with zero experience of yoga postures and also those with years of experience on their mat.

We believe in the way a yoga practice can balance, strengthen, center and relax the body, as well as the mind. You need only show up.

A message from Ryan on how the name “Yoga Reclaimed” was born…

Have you ever had someone ask you what your name means? Or have you named a child and people ask “What does that mean?”

Well we have a new studio coming with a somewhat different name, I guess. Many people have been asking where it comes from, or what it means…READ MORE

Yoga Reclaimed Auburn