200 Hour Yoga Transformation Program

Join us for the Journey of a Lifetime, are you ready?

Let’s get real and call it what it is!

You do not have to have the desire to teach in order to learn and grow with Yoga!

Get ready to redefine Yoga Teacher Training. Yoga Reclaimed is ready to shift the paradigm of our way of offering advanced training to those interested in teaching yoga to others. The Yoga Transformation program is formulated to bridge the gap for those interested in growing exponentially.

This program is designed to be more inclusive to anyone looking to dive into the process of growth and transformation through the process of studying, practicing and exploring the yoga practice. Why stay away from a program that can change your life forever. We will focus on using the tools we have gathered over the years in many different fields including yoga, to bring you a life changing program that will help lead you to the life you are looking for.

Are you looking to make a lifelong change in your life and not sure how to do it?

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the yoga practice beyond the physical?

Are you ready to explore the depths of yourself? Are you looking for help in making some everlasting changes in your life?

Lead by: Ryan Bailey and Jamie Santana of Yoga Reclaimed Starting March 2018 in our extended format. This will be a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Training, finishing with a weekend Retreat in Tahoe California.

This is a calling, an opportunity to rise up and see what is possible from within. You may want to share all that you have experienced with others and teach. Or maybe just keep it as your own personal gift. No matter the reason. We are going on a journey; we would love to have you join us.

This training is open to anyone and everyone who is willing to show up and do the work necessary for growth and transformation!

In this training we are working to lay a solid foundation within each person to help them see the truest potential of who they are.

Where there is no effort… There will be no benefit.

Yoga Reclaimed Auburn will be offering a 200 Yoga Transformation Program- hosted by Ryan Bailey with Jamie Santana assisting along with guest instructors from the Yoga Reclaimed staff.

*We may also enlist the assistance of a few other teachers from our local yoga community.

This training will explore many teaching styles and types of classes to learn as well as teach – Ashtanga, Flow (Vinyasa), Balance, Foundation as well as Restore. Learn the in’s and out’s of how to develop and create a unique and complete experience to offer to all levels of students. Everyone will be encouraged to use their own strengths in creating the best way to offer all of these classes.

Together, Ryan and Jamie have many years of experience in the health and wellness field as well as being a part of the local yoga community for the past 10 years. They have been working for many years to fine-tune and create what they feel is one of the most dynamic trainings available in the area.

Their teachings are grounded in the idea of Freedom – focusing on the ability to allow others to discover what is within that is longing to be revealed. They are excited and honored to share all that has been offered to them and confident it will be a lasting experience that will shift your life moving forward. This training will mainly be held at the

Yoga Reclaimed studio in Auburn with some short local travel to be announced.

The course design will consist of meeting a total of 6 weekends. Starting March 2nd, and finishing with our weekend retreat on May, 7th.

*There will be homework prior to our first meeting.


March 6th Tuesday 6pm-9pm
March 8th Thursday 6pm-9pm
March 9th Friday 7am-5pm
March 10th Saturday 6am-4pm
March 11th Sunday 6am-4pm

March 13th Tuesday 6pm-9pm
March 15th Thursday 6pm-9pm
March 16th Friday 2pm-5pm
March 17th Saturday 6am-4pm
March 18th Sunday 6am-noon

March 20th Tuesday 6pm-9pm
March 22nd Thursday 6pm-9pm
March 23rd Friday 2pm-5pm
March 24th Saturday 6am-4pm
March 25th Sunday 6am-noon

April 3rd Tuesday 6pm-9pm
April 5th Thursday 6pm-9pm
April 6th Friday 2pm-5pm
April 7th Saturday 6am-4pm
April 8th Sunday 6am-noon

April 10th Tuesday 6pm-9pm
April 12th Thursday 6pm-9pm
April 13th Friday 2pm-5pm
April 14th Saturday 6am-4pm
April 15th Sunday 6am-noon

Final weekend Retreat
April 27th-29th

Key Points of Focus:

Teaching with Purpose

Studying History of Yoga

Engaging others in the experience of Yoga

Mantra/ Chanting

Assisting in and Intuitive and Dynamic way

Sankrit- The Language of Yoga


Anatomy in relation to Yoga

Grounded Sequencing principles for a variety of classes Personal Growth and Development

Group Excursions


Non-Refundable Deposit: $500

Cost: $3,000 Due by first day of Training