Ashtanga Led Practice

This led practice is taught in a traditional format with some sanskrit count in the Sun A’s & B’s. You will be led through the Primary series based on the experience of the practitioner’s in the room. It is great for any level of practitioner, new or very seasoned. There is a lot of focus on breathing, bandhas, drishti. This is a great class for anyone ready to explore the traditions of the practice and step into a new way of practicing.

Ashtanga Fundamentals

This is an Ashtanga based flow class with the intention to focus on the Fundamentals designed to help any level of yogi gain strength, flexibility and overall awareness of the body. This class will help you develop and gather the fundamental tools necessary to progress in the practice and beyond.

Come ready to get down to business and do the work you are presented with by your own body on any given day. Truly an all levels class to facilitate growth in ways beyond your imagination.

Ashtanga Teacher Jamie Santana

Yoga Reclaimed Jamie Santana Yoga Teacher 3The practice of Ashtanga Yoga is so special to me. I love sharing it whether it is with new or very seasoned practitioners, any shape, size, color or age.

I have seen people transform right before my eyes from dedicating themselves to this practice.

The very first person I witnessed transform from Ashtanga Yoga, was me.

I had been practicing yoga over a span of 12 years before I finally stumbled into Ashtanga.

I always had an interest in it and was very curious to try. I found the practice so beautiful to watch, people looked ike they were just floating from one pose to the next.

Once I finally caught the Ashtanga bug I was hooked and dove straight in.

I started devouring every article, every blog or book I could find.

I loved the physical challenge in a love/hate kind of way. The physical part was what hooked me first. What kept me was the silence, the repetition, the security in knowing what pose was coming next (once I knew the series) The subtleties of the practice started to impact me. The breathing, the very specific looking points, the ever illusive bandhas. I felt stronger physically but more importantly, I felt stronger mentally. I was also very intrigued by the  moon day holidays. Ashtanga tradition honors every full and new moon. There is to be no practice on these days, you are to rest.

It is not the most popular practice. Though I firmly believe it is for everyone. But as Sri K Pattahbi Jois  would say, “It is for everyone but the lazy”

I’ve committed to sharing this practice at Yoga Reclaimed. If 2 people or 20 people come I am honored and grateful to carry the torch of an ancient practice.

Thank you for reading a tiny bit about me and my journey with Ashtanga yoga. Come try it at the studio for yourself. Every Sunday morning and Tuesday evening.

I am not a formally trained Ashtanga teacher. I am certified RYT with over 1,000 hours of training. I have taken workshops with world renowned teachers such as David Swenson and Tim Miller. I have a dedicated personal practice of Ashtanga yoga and a fire in my heart to share it.

With deep love and gratitude

Jamie Santana

Yoga Reclaimed Jamies Chai Recipe

Ashtanga Teacher Ryan Bailey

Yoga Reclaimed Asthanga Teacher Ryan BaileyThe journey into Ashtanga Yoga for me has been a one of surrender. I have always seen these amazing videos and old teachings and thought that is so inspiring, but I could never do all of that… I just assumed it was too hard, too much work, too much dedication to create that for myself. I never could create the space in my life to be able to do that. So I thought… My lovely partner Jamie Santana convinced me to take a lead primary class on a Sunday am at Zuda Yoga Downtown lead by AMK. It was an eye opening experience to say the least. Something happened though. The internal wheels began to turn. I felt as though I finally connected to the deep roots of something I have always loved so so much. The Yoga just expanded!

I love the process of being creative when I teach and when I practice, so the thought of doing the same practice every day seems so limiting and not exciting at all. I decided to finally surrender to this work. The work I avoid of being disciplined daily and to do the same thing over and over. The process has been so enlightening for me to experience the depth of silence. To experience the nuances of myself I have yet to experience in any other place. Jamie and I talk often about the Yoga world we live in and the teachers and the styles and where it is headed. We both feel so deeply connected to this practice that is has become the path we choose to follow. It does not mean we don’t love other styles or forms or teachers. It just means we have roots, we have a system to lead us back to ourselves.

We are so blessed to have found this specific style and system. We have been blessed by some of the original teachers trained by Sri. Patabi Jois himself. David Swenson who captivated our hearts and helped us get rooted to the work and show us how to do it in a fun and loving way. Also Tim Miller, who demonstrates the poise and depth we inspire to emulate. We continue to practice daily and study like sponges until we are oh so full. We love yoga, we love what we get to do every day and Ashtanga is just helping us dive deeper with a system to keep us accountable and steady. We hope you come join us for what seems to be one of the most powerful forms of medicine to us. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Much Love RB