We are devoted to serving yoga for all people in the community. For us, this means having several styles of classes, class times, props, different heating options (infrared heating zones). Our class times range from 60 minutes to 90 minutes.

A word about HEAT – we are happy to offer you infrared radiant heat at our studio! Infrared heat has many health benefits and we are sure you will notice them during and after class.

We have set our practice room up to have 3 zones – which, for you, means that you can decide if you want to be in or out of the heat. Our third zone has no added heat and is available in each and every class. Our first two zones will be warm to medium-high.


In our FLOW class you can expect to be flowing through the yoga poses with symmetry and breath-work. Our focus is to create a mindful connection to our bodies through purposeful movement. The sequencing is methodical and creative. Each class is a unique offering that expresses the experience and intuition of the instructor. Be ready for anything in the best way possible.

Slow Flow

Slow flow yoga is a meditative flow that practices slowing down by using a slow steady breath, holding postures, transitioning smoothly, and opening gently and mindfully with the ability to move deeper into one’s body and self. It’s a practice that builds strength, and each movement is initiated by slow controlled inhales and exhales. The more students are encouraged to lengthen and smooth out the inhale, the more the lungs stretch, the nervous system calms, the body begins to lengthen, and the students experience yoga.


This is an offering of more stillness than the movement of a Flow class. It offers depth, connection, and addresses the concepts of creating balance within many different aspects of our world inside and out. Be prepared to hold specific poses for an extended period of time. You will be offered to step into strength and endurance in a whole new way.


Restore your body from all of life’s challenges. This class adds the combination of deep long poses along with the sacred sense of stillness that will surely create a true shift in your world. Be ready to be changed after a Restore class with the depth and connection in a safe space to stretch, restore and center yourself.

Ashtanga Led Practice

Ashtanga Yoga is a system of yoga created by Sri K. Pattaghi Jois.

Ashtanga Yoga focuses on the importance of vinyasa (each breath is linked to a movement), drishti (gaze), bandhas (energy locks).

Explore the roots of our Vinyasa practice through Ashtanga.

This led practice is taught in a traditional format with some sanskrit count in the Sun A’s & B’s. You will be led through the Primary series based on the experience of the practitioner’s in the room. It is great for any level of practitioner, new or very seasoned. There is a lot of focus on breathing, bandhas, drishti. This is a great class for anyone ready to explore the traditions of the practice and step into a new way of practicing.

Mysore Style Ashtanga

The Mysore Style of Ashtanga Yoga is the traditional way of teaching this practice. You have an opportunity to slowly work at your own pace with the guidance of a highly qualified and experienced teacher working with you as an individual one on one at times in a group setting. You are not required to have any experience or have the Primary Series memorized. You can come at any level of experience and we will help guide you using the Ashtanga Method to develop a practice you can sustain for a lifetime. This practice is about learning Yoga in your body and having a teacher to help guide you along the way. We feel very passionate about this practice and would love the opportunity to work with you. This practice can be for anyone willing to take the journey.