A Little About Ryan


I grew up in the Monterey Bay area playing many sports and always having an interest in health and fitness. I played football at the collegiate level and graduated from New Mexico Highlands University in 2002 with a Degree in Health Promotion. I then moved to the Sacramento area and started my own small gym and worked with people for over 10 years on Nutrition and Exercise coaching. I found yoga in 2005, it struck something within me and allowed me to experience something I had been missing since playing sports. The connection I found has changed me along with many others since then. I have found so much inspiration from so many people and so many experiences. One of my biggest influences has been Rusty Wells, who has helped me find mantra and drumming and so much of what I teach from.

I have been inspired to create a space for people to show up as they are and do the work that is presented to them that day. I love music; I truly love the deep connection that it can create within us all. I love to be creative when I teach and hope to offer an experience that is transformative in many ways. I have found the practice of Ashtanga in the last year, that has helped me work with the roots of yoga.

I feel eternally blessed yoga has found me and allows me to have a creative outlet to express all that I have within me. This practice has assisted in me growing beyond anything I could ever imagine. I look to continue to explore the many worlds that yoga has to offer. I feel honored to have had the opportunity to teach so many people in so many different situations. With all of my background and what I have learned through teaching I hope to continue the process of encouraging others to be the best version of them selves. I hope to keep serving others in the best way I can with all that I have to offer.