My first yoga class had to be when I was about 8. My father raised me, and like most single parents I often accompanied him where he went – to work, the gym, and to yoga classes. In 2009 I tried my first real studio class, and I loved it so much I went back a few hours later to take another one! From there I was hooked, and after about a year and a half of regular practice I took my first 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training. Since then, I have taken many additional teacher training classes, including assisting with Ryan Bailey, Mantra Training with Jai Uttal, Yin Yoga with Gabriel Azoulay, advanced teacher training with Cori Martinez, and many more!

My family says we have a gene that makes us want to help others. My Father was an EMT and trained in the Army to be a Military Combat Medic and My Grandmother was a “Nurse in White”, a volunteer nurse. I remember visiting her and listening to the radio scanner of all the police and ambulance calls when I was at her home growing up, as she listened for anything she could help with. I became a Massage Therapist when I turned 18 to learn how I could help people too. Teaching Yoga felt like a perfect way to incorporate my strong desire to help others, as well as my love to share what I have learned about the practice.

I have taught in almost every city in the surrounding area at so many wonderful yoga studios. I am really happy to have a home with Yoga Reclaimed, as Ryan was one of my first studio teachers who helped me expand my practice in a safe, intelligent and comfortable way. Plus he always makes me laugh in yoga, which I feel is really important!

I love to teach all different types of yoga, including Flow classes (Ayurvedic and Soul Flow being my faves!), as well as Hot, Yin, Adaptive, Kids Yoga, Partner Workshops, Pregnancy Yoga and Restorative classes. While I am particularly proud of my comfort in teaching and ability to learn different types of class formats, I love the most incorporating knowledge into classes, hoping it is allowing students to take something off their mat and into their lives.

I apprenticed an Adaptive Yoga Class for a year, where I learned how to teach yoga and assist practitioners with missing limbs, or other limitations. Yoga is for EVERYONE! This has allowed me to have a fairly good understanding of the body, how different bodies can look doing the same physical activity safely, and allowed me to have a good eye for anything that may cause a potential injury.  I also have volunteered teaching yoga for the Forgotten Soldier Program, the VA Vet Center, and the Veteran’s Holistic Healthcare Foundation of America. (My dad is a Vet,  I have a soft spot for Veterans). This allowed me to experience how yoga can be different for those with PTSD, and how to be sensitive to that.  I am comfortable instructing beginners and advanced practitioners, and really enjoy getting hands on and having fun in classes, especially to excellent music.

A little bit more about me: I love music, to sing, and healthy eating (big foodie over here). Besides loving to practice yoga, I enjoy cross-training, hiking, and traveling. I’m learning about foraging wild herbs and I LOVE it!

I  look forward to seeing you on your mat, either next to me or in a class I might be leading. See you Soon! <3