A Little About Mandy

Several years ago I took my first yoga class in a real live studio, not the kind you do in your living room in front of the TV, or at the gym, but a real live studio. I wore all the wrong clothes and had to laugh my way through what appeared to be impossible. The next day I needed more, and the day after I needed more. I quickly fell in love with how the practice made me feel at home in my physical body and how it made me nicer outside of the studio.

My love for yoga continued to grow over the years until at last I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to dive deep and take a teacher training. I received my RYT from Ryan Bailey at Yoga Reclaimed in 2015 and began the teaching journey. . . Then I had two babies in two years, I had to learn how to take my yoga “off the mat,” as the saying goes, which is especially hard without the physical practice to remind and guide you.  For so many days the practice of yoga was in not being able to go to yoga, and of course, it helped me grow.

What I love the most about this practice is that it meets you wherever you are, it accepts you in your best and in your worst, always with the potential to transform. The capacity for change and growth never ceases in the practice of yoga. For me, the yoga practice acts as my therapy, my church, my exercise, and also as my family. I believe that a yoga studio should feel like a second home for your heart.