Andrea Spacek, RYT, Thai Massage Therapist

Hailing from the East Coast, I became a Registered Yoga Instructor (CYT) in 2008 while living on Cape Cod, MA.  Excited to share my new found love of Yoga with the world, I went on to teach group and private classes, assist with teacher trainings, teach abroad and for private retreats.

Shortly before moving to Auburn, I began my 500 Hour Teacher Training with badass yogini, Michele Fleming of Sanctuary Studio in Plymouth, who opened the world of Yoga up for me in a big way.  It was in one of her Acro Yoga and Thai Massage workshops that I fell madly in love with the ancient art of Thai Massage.  It was a perfect combination of yoga, meditation, compassionate touch, breath control, and rhythmic movement. The effect of receiving it was pure bliss. I knew I wanted more of this in my life.

Shortly after relocating to Auburn in 2012, I began my Thai Massage Therapy training with Alexandra Epple of Nirvana School of Thai Massage in Nevada City.  I have been practicing since, currently offering sessions out of Healing Hands Wellness in Auburn.

Yoga, to me, is integration.  Integration of all of my parts – physical, spiritual, mental; seen and unseen.  It is the integration of everything and everyone into the eternal Oneness that is our truth, represented by the sound of Om – our breath the thread that weaves it all together.

Every time I meet my mat, I encounter myself.  Each time is a new experience, a new opportunity to lift the veil and see what lies beneath the words, the flesh, the emotions, and sensation.  It is my medicine in this precious lifetime I’ve been gifted.  And I am being asked to share it.  So here I am.

It is an honor, a privilege, and an adventure!

Infinite gratitude,



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