Yoga Privates available at Yoga Reclaimed!

Have you had an injury that is not getting better?

Do you have a certain pose or poses you want more help with?

Do you need some more one on one instruction for your practice?

Are you brand new to the yoga practice and not sure where to begin?

Are you pregnant and need help modifying to help you stay on your mat?

Have you plateaued and need help with ideas of how to move forward?

Do you prefer a quiet more calm setting to practice?

Do you have too many injuries to list or work around?

Do you work better with a more hands on approach?

Are you looking for more from the practice and need some guidance?

There can be so many reasons you would want to get some extra help with your practice.  These are just a few. We are truly here to help and serve no matter what the reason. Please contact us below with any questions you may have about how to get some extra support and guidance what ever your individual needs may be. This can be just a one-time visit for a quick tune in and tune up. Or you can get some more long-term help if needed.  Send a request for more details about pricing and schedule options.

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