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We host this directory as another way to connect and support each others’ work.

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Tammy Parkinson

Nutrition and Lifestlye Coach Body Firm Nutrition and Lifestyle CoachingNutrition and Lifestyle
Cell Phone: 4088962639


Photo of Tammy Parkinson

Tammy Parkinson is a certified Nutrionist and Lifestyle coach.  She owned her own Wellness Center in Los Gatos for over 16 years; ultimately transitioning from ownership of a bigger center to working primarily one on one on a very personal and individual basis…one habit at a time, one focus at a time.  Her intention is helping others realize their potential and then guiding them on how to obtain it through food, lifestyle, mindset and exercise.  This path can reveal itself quickly for some and others over many months, but ultimately the path does appear and a happier, healthier lifestyle emerges.   Tammy struggled with her own weight and wellbeing for many years, and through her own experiences and diving in to further education, has led her towards helping hundreds with a variety of ailments and road blocks turn aound their health.