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KT Harrison

Healing Hands Wellness Center
Business 3275 Fortune Court Auburn California 95603 United States Business Phone: 530-908-7781 Website: Healing Hands


Photo of KT Harrison

My goal in pursuing a career as a Craniosacral practioner was to help individuals understand the connection between their physical body aliments and the energy associated with their mental and emotional self.  Through my craniosacral therapy work I am able to connect and reconnect clients to their inner energy that affects them on a physical level.

I am a mother as well.  I have four beautiful children.  My son and three daughtes are the light in my life.  They help remind me on a daily basis just how precious and fragile life really is.

Please allow me to help you connect to your personal healing power while you enjoy the journey to understanding how your physical, mental and emotional self all work together in this wonderful experience of life.

What is Craniosacral Therapy:

To summarize in my own understanding of the work – Craniosacral Therapy is a NON INVASIVE gentle form of engaging with the the core, (skull, spine, & sacrum) with as little as 5 grams of pressure & assisting in facilitating the releasing of an energy cyst.

Energy cysts are disruptive patterns of energy within the human matrix field causing simple to major health & wellness manifestations.  These Energy Cysts along the core of the human body can preset dis-ease to the mental, physical, & emotional aspects of the human form.  We all have small energy cysts from everyday living .  A tripping, slipping, or a fall can cause an Energy Cyst to manifest in the core system.  Within the core is this soft fiberous cord called the Dural Tube.  Inside this magical central canal we find the essence of life, Cerebral Spinal fluid. When our cores receive enough damage to this Dural tube, it causes the tissues to change their forms to accommodate the forming Energy Cysts.  Depending on how many repetitive times or the intensity of a trauma impacts the core system can greatly affect the surrounding tissues.  Such as; Needing constant adjustments to relieving mal aligned spines,  Feeling constant suffering from pain in one form or another, emotional & or mental distress.

Craniosacral Therapy is for EVERYONE & ANYONE with a living body!  From pregnant, infant, elderly or bed bound to animals.  We all have core systems made up with the same Craniosacral pulse.  Each person or animal has its own pulse rate & rhythm.  Craniosacral Therapy is therefore using a gentle non invasive touch to release Energy Cysts found within the Core system to bring once again balance & proper energy flow so that the body can regain its Devine strength & grace on its own.